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"An amazing class. I'll always be grateful."

" 'Thank you' isn't enough to describe my appreciation for you and your class. I've always said that the most impactful teachers are the ones who go beyond their subjects, the ones who teach how to apply their material to life in the real world. And I have no trouble saying that you are one of the greatest, most impactful teachers I've had in my lifetime. I not only learned so much in your class, but I had tons of fun. And I can't remember a class within the past five years that I've legitimately been captivated by."

"A third-year student, I can tell you this class has singlehandedly made this semester better than the 2 years before. I learned more in your class than any other, thanks to you both being funny and interesting to listen to. You made every day a joy to attend."

"...transcended the normal TV History class...invaluable in learning what makes something on television truly timeless..."

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"Hands down the the best class I  had in four years of college."

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“Jim McKairnes is a great teacher and a very intelligent, kind, and simply fantastic guy.  DePaul  needs more Jim McKairnes. If it really wants to improve the program, making it a more pragmatic and worthwhile program, have Jim teach more classes.”

"...gave us more than an education. He gave us encouragement."

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"I really enjoyed your class! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such a stimulating way!"

."..a great professor!"

"Your classes have been so are a wealth of information!  Thank you for passing some of it along to us."

"You are really a good communicator.  Always feel like you want to share information with us.  You talk "to" us not "at" us."

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