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an idea becomes a college course,

a college syllabus becomes a book,

a best-selling book becomes a traveling lecture ...

... and a look at how a decade changed an industry

shows how an industry changed us all.


At some point between Watergate and The Love Canal, between Nixon and Carter, between Vietnam and Afghanistan, between Robert Altman and Steve Martin, between The Supremes and The Ramones, between Namath and Pete Rose, the 1970s happened. And TV tried to keep up. Or did the country try to keep up with TV? From Archie to Kunta Kinte and from "Helter Skelter" to Jiggle TV, ALL IN THE DECADE recounts ten years in the life of television. 


"Think you know tv? This guy does. Buy his books. You’ll learn a thing or two."

​        -- CBS president Kelly Kahl


"McKairnes' passion and knowledge makes this encyclopedia of the cause and effects of 70s television a must read for anyone interested in 1970s, pop culture and America history. Jam-packed with facts, theories and industry jargon separates ALL IN THE DECADE from previous books on the subject, because Jim McKairnes is one hell of a writer. His latest is pure joy."​

"Wow. Just wow. Just finished ALL IN THE DEACDE. I flat-out loved it. A great read."

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 8.33.05 AM.png

"... wonderfully demonstrates why entire series or specific episodes are relevant, not just to TV history, but also in shaping American culture. One of the biggest takeaways was that '70s TV led to interesting dinner table conversations which broke the ice between generations, as spurred on by Maude's dilemma or other episodes focusing on abortion, drugs, suicide, homosexuality, etc. In this way, the country was united by national events that allow all to participate, form Nixon's resignation to Rhoda's wedding. The revolution was televised; people watched and people talked."


A Temple University student: "I was the biggest fan of this class and the way you taught it -- as not just 'Here's what happened when your parents were kids' but as 'This is why this shit matters to you and today's culture.' ...The book carries that tone in equal measure."

A Temple University student: "Behind the scenes stories and trivia on television [we all] grew up watching. What a great book. I hadn’t realized the overall impact 1970s TV played in our society and its pivotal role in the shape of things to come."

"I really enjoyed your class. I watched almost everything covered in your classes but at the time didn’t realize what a cultural impact each show had on our tv viewing society. I want to go back and watch them all again!"

Thank you, Jim. This was a GREAT class!

"I will treasure this class in how it talked to the television that shaped my teenage years."

"Thanks for a wonderful experience...lots of information, many flashbacks, and a new understanding of the media's impact on our history."


"I have really enjoyed your course! It has been a real trip down memory lane ... Also, the supplementary emails you sent were fantastic. And I’ve subscribed to your podcast and am looking forward to that as well!"

"Thanks again for a fun and informative class."

Just a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed “All In The Decade.” Your presentation brought back lots of memories & included lots of interesting info about the decade that I never knew.
Fun & fascinating!!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge."


"I just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed your class!! Each week, I read your book and attended the lecture then pulled up old shows to watch and remember. I had forgotten so much of what we were experiencing during that decade. It's very interesting to think about how all these shows influenced my generation."   

"A great read cover to cover [that] uses wit and humor to engage in how this little box changed the world. Highly recommended!"


"Thank you for sharing your passion with our community!"

"What a wonderful look back. Thanks again!"

"You have done a wonderful job... Interesting  and entertaining.."

"Thank you for a fun and enlightening class! I experienced all you have described and it has been so good to frame it all within the vast cultural changes of that decade. Thank you!"

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